(Believe it or not, more photos have been added in October 2007!)

As I have time, I've been scanning old (and not so old) paper photos into my computer. Here are some just for fun... and, I should warn you, they're in no particular order of chronology or subject matter!  Right now there are just a few...if I get enough scanned in, maybe I'll organize these pages some day. 

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Some of the pictures are clearer than others, depending on what condition the original paper photos were in.
Please accept my advance apologies for the less than stellar quality of some of them, but I thought they'd be fun to share here anyway.

If you have snapshots to add here, drop me a line and we'll work it out for me to scan them in too, and then return them to you, or if you have the digital pictures or some you've already scanned in yourself, just send 'em on with a brief note of who the people are in the pictures and any other info -- when, where, why the photos were taken, etc.  

Remember, just click on any small photo to enlarge it, then use your browser's Back function to come back to this page.

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Shirley & Ed on a Key West stopover during a 1993 cruise... too bad they never have any fun...!
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Jan receiving her 10-year service award from Monroe County (FL) Sheriff Rick Roth, 1998
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4 generations & 2 branches of the Schuffman family, c. 1983
(seated: Dory, Julie with JP, Honey - standing: Jan, Dan, Shirley, Ed)
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Jan on duty one breezy day at the Jackson (TN) Police Department, c. 1981
Dan and Ed...they've still got it! (part of their old Vaudeville routine, that is)
Dan & Ed show they've still got it! (in this case, "It" is the big finish to their Vaudeville routine)
Ed in center, surrounded by Ethel, Shirley, Julie, Jan, & David (Jan's former husband), c. 1974
Ed in center, surrounded by (clockwise) Ethel, Shirley, Julie, Jan, & David (Jan's former husband), c. 1974
Jan and cousin Kirk when he visited Key West in 1997
Jan with cousin Kirk when he visited Key West on business in 1997
Jan's staff, DECORATED...her office for her 45th birthday.
Jan's staff decorated her office but good for her 45th birthday.

          jpgrad1a.jpg (62569 bytes)                       jpgrad2a1.jpg (50072 bytes)        
JP's high school graduation, 2000
  (on the way in . . . . .  .  . . . . .  and on the way out)

danbd-cake1.jpg (59987 bytes)
Dan, celebrating his 80th birthday in style in fall 2001, with a cake made entirely of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
danbd-dadwrose1.jpg (101614 bytes)
Rose and Ed at Dan's birthday party, fall 2001.
EmProm02c1c.jpg (36724 bytes)
Emily on her way
out to Prom 2002
50bd-ofc8a1d.jpg (44128 bytes)
Jan's Big 5-Oh as marked by her co-workers, May 2002

momdadcruise05-02a.jpg (33995 bytes)
Shirley and Ed embarking on a Caribbean cruise in May 2002
withdan1a1.jpg (23694 bytes)
Dan visits Nashville, July 2002

jmg1a.jpg (49619 bytes)
Jan with Mary & George Santulli, buddies since college, at the world-famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Thanksgiving 2002
snow-street3b.jpg (40182 bytes)     snow-street2b2.jpg (48094 bytes)
Surprise snow, January 2003 - all this fell in about 3 or 4 hours, and had not been predicted at all. I was lucky - was at home and stayed there. People caught at work still talk about how many hours it took them to get home. All the streets, including the interstates, were solid ice.
bethrecep.jpg (74620 bytes)
Jan with Beth at Beth's wedding reception,
Aspen, February 2003
Emily_Prom2003a.jpg (18778 bytes)
Emily en route to Prom 2003
janatada1a.jpg (85349 bytes)
Hard at work for the Metro Nashville ADA Compliance Division, February 2004
(picture taken with a camphone, so not the greatest quality photo, but that's me alright)

The family, August 2004

Julie's 50th Birthday, 2004


Emily (with Oscar, Mom & Dad's cat) and JP, December 2004

Robert & Deena, October 2005

Jan and David's wedding,
August 23, 1975

Dad, Grandma, and Amelia,
Grandma's birthday, 1978?

Jan's graduation from the Police Academy, with family, August 1978 (Julie was SO tired after the drive in, but she made it!)

Jan's graduation from the Police Academy, with David, August 1978

Dianne and Jan, late 1980s?

Dianne's kids/Jan's god-kids, Mary and Chris, late 1980s?

Julie and JP, March 2007


Jan on left, with friends from work at a surprise 50th birthday part for the 2nd from the right at his favorite watering hole, July 2007
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